Broken down .. we will be there for you!

From time to time even the best maintained vehicle may breakdown, or the driver may inadvertently put the wrong fuel in the vehicle. When this happens it’s good to know that a simple phone call can call out the cavalry to rush to your aid. We are very happy to help any of our customers in difficulty, be that at home or on the roadside.

If you run out of fuel we will be able to bring you a can full to help you on your way, if your breakdown is more serious or if you have been involved in an accident then we can recover your vehicle for you. Let us take the strain at what is probably a very stressful time, that’s why we say “We are there for you”, in every sense.

If your journey is critical we may even be able to bring a courtesy car out to you, so that you can continue on your way whilst we recover your vehicle back to base and sort it out for you. That’s what we mean at Victoria Garage, Ivybridge by going the extra mile for our customers.

Our family business is all about putting you first, giving you the treatment you deserve and above all making sure that you are completely satisfied with our “motoring partnership”.

When the unforeseen happens it’s reassuring to know that there is someone on your side that you can trust and is absolutely reliable. Our customers can relax in the knowledge that Victoria Garage, Ivybridge has their best interest at heart.