From time to time, even the best-kept vehicles might break down for one reason or another; the important thing is that you, as the driver, know how to act in this situation. While recovery services will come to your rescue once you make that phone call, you must know what to do to keep yourself and other people on the road safe.

This blog post will explain some things you can do when your car breaks down and why, along with our recovery services at Victoria Garage Ivybridge.

Safe Place

Ideally, you want to manoeuvre your vehicle into a safe place, which means getting your vehicle off the road if possible. When you are on the motorway, you want to make sure you pull up onto the hard shoulder if you cannot turn off at any exit.

This process will reduce risk as you will be out of immediate danger, and you will also be keeping other drivers safe from obstacles.

Hazard Lights

Next, be sure that your hazard warning lights are on, as this will ensure that other vehicles on the road see you, as well as the recovery services. This step is even more essential when you are in dismal weather conditions such as fog or rain.

Remove Yourself from the Vehicle

When your vehicle breaks down, and you have done the first two steps, remove yourself from the vehicle, along with any passengers. If you cannot remove someone from the car, ensure that they stay in the car with the seatbelt while calling for recovery services. Only do the latter if the car is in a safe location.

When exiting the vehicle, make sure you exit from a left-hand door to avoid the oncoming traffic.

Recovery Services

When the unforeseen happens, it is reassuring to know that Victoria Garage Ivybridge will be ready to assist you in your hour of need. Our customers can relax in the knowledge that we have their best interests at heart.

If you run out of fuel, we can bring you a can full to help you on your way. If you are in a serious accident, we can recover your vehicle for you. If your journey is paramount, we may even be able to bring a courtesy vehicle to help you on your way.

When you are ready, contact us today, and we can discuss your requirements.