For beginner drivers and even some experienced drivers, an MOT can seem like a mysterious topic that is hard to understand. We are here to shed light on the support so you can understand what MOT is actually for.

This blog post will talk you through the concept of MOT, what it stands for and what it is actually for.

What does MOT stand for?

Starting off with the obvious, what does MOT stand for? MOT stands for the Ministry of Transport and is the name of the Government department that is tasked with the responsibilities for road safety.

Introduction to MOT

Put simply, an MOT is an annual test that your vehicles have to pass in order for you to be able to legally drive it on public roads in the UK. The test ensures that your vehicle can be driven on the road without risk to the safety of other drivers or pedestrians.

Why does your car need an MOT?

An MOT test involves many internal and external checks done to your car. The main reason your car needs an MOT is to make sure it is safe to drive, particularly if the brakes and emissions are safe. These checks make sure you are safe, other drivers are safe and pedestrians are safe. Without an MOT test, you could be potentially driving a car that is not safe and accidents could happen.

What if your car fails its MOT?

Unfortunately, some cars can fail their MOT test, this means it cannot be parked or driven on the road. Don’t worry you won’t necessarily have to get rid of your car; instead, you have to repair your car until it complies with MOT standards. Once you have repaired the car up to MOT standards, you need to retake your MOT test.
If your car fails its MOT, it is illegal to drive your car on the roads in the UK.

Bonus details about MOT

You only need to take an MOT test if your car is three years old. The test is then taken annually, to make sure it is up to MOT standards.
Ultimately, the MOT test is a way to keep you and everyone else safe on while on the road.

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