Have you ever wondered what factors influence your insurance premiums? This blog post will outline what insurance premiums are, what factors that can potentially bring the price down and how you can find the best deal.

Defining Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums refer to how much a driver has to pay for a contract of insurance. These premiums cover potential risks, based on certain factors such as your driving history and demographic.

What Factors Affect Your Insurance Premiums?

This section discusses different factors that will affect your insurance premiums, including driving history, such as how much you drive and your driving record.

Driving History

Your driving history affects your insurance premiums, and this could include whether you have been in any accidents, or if you are a new driver. Your car insurance might be higher if you are a new driver. If you are an existing driver, how much you use your vehicle will affect your insurance premium. The more you use your vehicle, the higher the risk.

To bring your insurance down, you could reduce how much you drive each year.


Where you currently live will affect your insurance premium, as certain areas have higher crime rates, which results in higher premiums. Your age is also a factor that affects your insurance premium. Unfortunately, if you are a younger driver, with less experience, your insurance is likely to be higher than someone who is older.

To attempt to bring down your insurance, you should consider where you park. You can improve security by parking in a secure garage. You could also improve your experience, for new drivers, by finding a driving course to participate in.

Cheaper Premiums

If you want to lower your insurance premiums, you can attempt to improve your vehicle’s security. This added security could reduce risks. Additional security measures could include alarms; however, you should check with your insurance provider beforehand.


When choosing your insurance premium provider, you don’t just pick the first one you see. Shop around to find the best provider for you and compare certain criteria. If you need any additional information about how you can reduce premiums, or about any of our services at Victoria Garage Ivybridge, you can contact a member of our experienced team today. We are happy to help answer any relevant questions you have.