Have you ever looked at a road sign and wondered what on Earth does that mean? Maybe you find specific rules of the Highway Code confusing. We are here to explain a few of the most complicated elements of the Highway Code.

Make sure you aren’t caught off guard by studying these confusing elements.


The following are some driving rules that are commonly misinterpreted.

Splashing Pedestrians

Trying to avoid puddles can be hard; however, it is actually an offence to splash a pedestrian. Potentially, you could be faced with a fine of up to £5,000 if you are caught, and points on your licence. This rule isn’t too confusing, but most people will think it is fiction.

Stationary Scrolling

Using your phone while driving is 100% illegal, and should not be done, however, what about using your phone when you are not moving? You should not be using your phone while the engine is on, and you can face fines and points added to your license


There are a lot of signs to be aware of and understand before you even start driving, which is why it is only natural that some are confusing. The following are just a handful of signs that motorists find confusing.

No Vehicles

Did someone forget to finish this sign? This sign is especially confusing as it is just a white circle with a red outline. The sign is typically paired with an instruction beneath, which reads ‘no vehicles’, but surely they should just write that within the circle?

Explosive Vehicles

The no vehicles carrying explosives sign depicts a vehicle with an explosion above, which means don’t carry explosives. The sign has caused confusion in the past; however, most drivers know not to carry explosives anyway.

Loose Chippings/Surface Dressing

Is that tyre letting out air? Or is it meant to mean my tyres might explode? This confusing sign illustrates a vehicle with debris erected out of the wheel. This surface dressing sign indicates that the roads are not complete; instead, the roads are being treated.

Drivers will need to be cautious, slow down and take note of any loose chippings when this sign is presented.

Watercourse Alongside Road

This sign illustrates a vehicle, slightly falling into the water; however, it can be misleading to some. The sign, of course, means that water is running alongside the road, so vehicles need to be cautious.

Vehicles May Pass Either Side

This sign depicts two arrows pointing down, which indicates that vehicles can pass either side.

Further Advice

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