Driving in summer can be just as dangerous as driving through the rain or snow, which is why we are here to share some maintenance tips for local drivers. There are a lot of hazards that you need to be aware of when driving in summer, but luckily, we have constructed tips to help prevent these hazards.

Stay safe this summer with our list of maintenance tips!


Vehicles can overheat all year round, but more so in the summer. Batteries can fail, causing the vehicle to come to a standstill. We advise that you check your battery on a regular basis in the warmer months. You should also consider replacing batteries that are old.
Radiator coolant and windscreen wiper fluid can improve the condition of your vehicle during warmer months as well.


As warm and stunning as it is to see the sun, it can be a hazard when you are on the road. Glare from the sun can cause horrendous accidents on the road, that is why it is important to regularly clean your windscreen. We also suggest that you keep a pair of sunglasses in your car at all times, as you never know when the sun will make an appearance.

Vehicle tyres

When summer comes around, chances are you might be using your car to go on vacation, this means you might be going on a long journey. This is why it is important to check your tyres before going on a long journey. This check should include checking the tyre pressure.


Clutches tend to be used so much more in the summer months as chances are you will be moving through slower traffic, you might also be travelling down unfamiliar routes which can cause you to get lost and backtrack on your route. We advise you know the route you are taking before heading out on a long, unfamiliar journey.


No one wants to get stuck in traffic on a warm summer day, that is why you should check your air conditioner before you set off. This check should be for any leaks that might be present in your hoses or valves.


Ultimately, you need to make sure you are checking your vehicle before heading out on your journey. If you need help in regards to the repair of your vehicle, we are always on hand to service and repair your vehicle.