This blog post will talk you through a few tips and tricks of the trade, plus suggested products or product types, for motorists that want to valet their car at home. These tips aim to help you save money and to have a garage standard valet in your own home.

Car Valeting

Car valeting is the term used to describe the process of cleaning, polishing, and waxing your vehicle to make it shine and look as good as new. Car valeting can help to increase the resale value or just make you look great when arriving at events.

What You Will Need

When carrying out a valet at home, you will need a few tools on hand, including cleaning solution, glass cleaner, wax, buckets, brush, wash mitt, drying towel, microfiber cloths and a vacuum cleaner for inside your vehicle.

The Process

You should make sure you have two buckets on hand, one for rinsing and the other for cleaning. When you start to valet your car, you should follow the simple steps of rinsing and wiping with suds and a wash mitt, then dry off and wax.

Once the exterior has been done, you can move onto the inside of your car. Make sure you take out the rubbish and floor mats before vacuuming.

Top Tips:

  • Do NOT clean the vehicle in the sun as this could result in uneven patches and spots forming on your vehicle.
  • Please start with the wheels by hosing them down first.
  • Make sure your glass cleaner does not contain ammonia.
  • You don’t have to wax your car each time you wash it

We Need To Come Clean

If you do not have the time or you cannot fit your own valet into your schedule, we can do it for you. At Victoria Garage Ivybridge, we offer bodywork and valeting, that is carried out by our friendly and dedicated team.

We can restore your vehicle up to showroom standards, making it perfect for special events. From a simple wash, brush and hoover all the way to bodywork repair, we can help with it all.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions or queries relating to valeting your car or any other service we offer, you can contact a member of our dedicated and friendly team today.