You don’t necessarily need a professional to help you to take care of the small car maintenance tasks you can do at home. This blog post will explore different tasks that car owners can do at home, whether that involves replacing your wiper blades or performing general maintenance.

Save time and money by following some of these easy to do car maintenance tips.

General Maintenance

General and easy to follow maintenance of your car would include washing and cleaning it at home. This includes clearing the inside of your vehicle, as well as the outside. You can find the right products to clean and polish your car for much less than car washes so try your hand at this and see the results for yourself.

You might find that restoring your car to showroom conditions is difficult, in which case, you can find plenty of local businesses which offer outstanding bodywork and valeting.

Windshield Wipers

Every six months to a year you will need to replace your wiper blades, unfortunately, replacing those blades typically comes with the cost of installation. You can save the cost of installation by buying your own wiper blades and replacing them at home. To replace your current blades, lift the wipers up slightly to remove the existing blades and note down how they are connected to the metal arms, so you can attach the new ones in the same way.

Different cars might be slightly different, for example, some may require you to push a tab before you can remove the blade safely.


You can perform battery maintenance at home simply by visually checking the condition of your current battery.

Headlight Maintenance

This tip is straightforward, as you only need to locate the bulb holder, remove the wire from the bulb holder, remove the bulb and rewire your new bulb. Make sure to use a piece of cloth to wipe down your new bulb before installing it.

Air Filter

Air filters need to be replaced every 12 months, or when you have reached a set amount of miles. To save the cost of installation, you can buy a new filter yourself and install it at home in under 15 minutes. Firstly, locate the filter under the hood, open the casing and note down how the current air filter is fitted. Taking pictures of the current filter will help when it comes to replacing it.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing any of these maintenance tasks at home, you can contact a qualified professional today.