If you are looking for tips to make your garage more customer-friendly, read this post.

We have compiled a list of 25 ways that will help make your customers happy. From organising tools to adding personal touches, these ideas will give you some inspiration on how to improve the way your customers experience your business.

1. Keep Tools Organised

Keeping tools and equipment well-organised and in good working order will make your garage more attractive and enjoyable for customers to visit. Look at the spaces you have available to see how best they can be used, whether it’s brackets or racks you can use for storage.

If there is a bare wall that needs covering, consider adding a pegboard and hanging tools from it.

2. Utilise Window Space

If your garage is located in an area that gets lots of natural light, use this to your advantage by letting the sun stream in through windows you may not have considered before such as high-up ones or even skylights if your roof doesn’t already have them.

3. Keep the Floors Tidy

If your garage is cluttered it can make customers feel uncomfortable and won’t want to come back. Keep any items that you no longer use on the side or in boxes until they can be disposed of properly.

Be sure to sweep up regularly too, as any dirt and grime on the floor could ruin your customer’s shoes.

4. Keep it Clean

No one likes to visit a messy garage so be sure to clean regularly. Not only will this make your garage look more attractive, but it also makes it safer for you and your customers.

Chemicals can be harmful if they are not stored properly, so make sure you do not mix them up and that they are secured well.

If there is anything left over from DIY work, store it in a box or bin instead of leaving it out so it doesn’t attract bugs and rodents.

5. Add Some Personal Touches

Personal touches to your garage such as artwork, photos, or prints can help you to create a welcoming atmosphere. It also adds the benefit of character, which helps people feel at home.

Adding some new paint can help too, whether it’s on the walls or floor. If you don’t have a lot to spend, consider painting some well-worn surfaces in a bold colour or adding patterned tiles.

6. Provide Protection from the Elements

Although it is good to be able to work with your garage door open when it’s warm and sunny, this can make your equipment susceptible to water damage. If possible fit a roof to your garage or cover the floor if you don’t have a roof already fitted.

7. Keep Tools Handy

If you work on cars regularly, your employees must know which tools they need and where they can find them, as this saves time and means there is less risk of any damage occurring.

Consider putting up a list of the tools required for general jobs and a list of those you currently have in stock. You could even organise them so they are easy to identify. If your toolbox is looking a bit ragged, why not look online to see how it can be improved?

8. Create a Warming Corner

If you find that your garage is a bit chilly when you are working in it, why not use the wall space to promote this? You could buy some inexpensive pegboards and hooks to put up on the wall, then use these for your overalls, jackets, or tea towels.

9. Make it Welcoming for Children

Although garages may seem like a place for adults, there is no reason why children cannot also enjoy visiting them.

How about adding a small table and chairs so they can sit down while having their toys or colouring-in? You could even add in some small stools to help them reach any equipment that is out of their reach.

10. Supply Good Lighting

Adequate lighting is always beneficial, which means not only should your garage be lit properly but also make sure that any items you store are properly protected.

You could use shelves to help protect your stock if the garage door isn’t fitted with overhead protection.

11. Use Fixed Shelving If Possible

Try to install fixed shelving around the garage as this frees up floor space and can help keep your garage more organised.

You could paint this in a colour that coordinates with the rest of the garage or even attach some pegboard.

12. Put up Pegboards

Pegboards are useful for hanging tools, equipment, measuring tapes, and other important items you may need regularly.

If you have the space, why not attach a few too so that your tools are easy to find?

13. Indicate Where it Is Safe to Park

If you often get asked where people should park when they visit your garage, then consider putting up a sign or pavement marking that indicates where it is best to leave their car.

This will help you to ensure that your garage is only used by those who are meant to.

14. Use Magnetic Strips for Removable Tools

If there are certain tools or equipment that you want to keep safe, then consider attaching magnet strips on the wall and storing them here.

This means they won’t fall if someone knocks into them or if they are moved.

15. Add Shut-off Valves to the Hose Reel

If you store your hose reel in your garage, then consider attaching shut-off valves to it.

This way, if there is ever any water damage you can switch off the supply before removing any equipment. It also helps to prevent flooding and ensures that the hose is properly stored.

16. Store Bulky Items In Your Cupboard or Closet

If you have a cupboard or walk-in closet in your garage, then why not use this for storing larger items that cannot fit onto the shelves.

This means they can be easily accessed and won’t damage any other equipment on the garage shelves.

17. Use Hooks for Larger Tools Where Possible

Try to ensure that you hang larger tools up on hooks rather than storing them in the boxes they came in.

This frees up space and also means that your shelves are less likely to be damaged if something falls into them.

18. Keep Your Workbench Clear

If you have a workbench, then ensure that it remains clean at all times. This means you won’t have to keep moving things off it too, find what you need.

If there is anything on the bench when you are done, simply put them back where they originally were.

19. Use Your Shelving Wisely

If your garage has wall-mounted shelves, then try to ensure that you use these for items that do not need to be taken down.

This will help free up any floor space and protect your stock from potential damage.

20. Use a Pegboard Organiser

If your garage is full of various screwdrivers, then think about using a pegboard organiser to store them. This will free up space and ensure that they remain easy to access.

21. Store Larger Items on the Floor

If you have a spare area of a floor, then why not store larger equipment and bulky items here? This can be extra storage for your workbench or even just unexpected things such as bicycles.

22. Install a Workbench

You can buy a workbench from your local DIY warehouse, but you could also try building one yourself. This is good if you need additional storage or somewhere to keep your stock while working on it.

23. Protect Your Stock

If the garage door isn’t fitted with overhead protection, add mesh panels instead. These are cheap and prevent tools from being damaged when they are knocked on the door.

24. Use Hooks for Smaller Items

If certain items are smaller, but you have no more space on your wall-mounted shelves, then you could try using hooks instead. These prevent damage and remove clutter.

25. Don’t Assume Storage is Provided

Make sure that your garage is fully equipped before you start using it as a workshop. For example, if you need to store paint but there is none provided, then this will delay your projects or result in extra trips outside.

26. Store Light Bulbs

In a Jar, If you have multiple light bulbs to store, then consider keeping them in a large jar rather than on the shelves. This frees up space and means that they are easily accessible too.


The benefits of a well-organised garage are many. Not only will customers be more likely to buy your products, but you’ll also find it easier and quicker to work in the space.

For example, if there is a bare wall that needs covering, consider adding a pegboard and hanging tools from it. This way when someone wants an item they can easily see what’s on offer.

If your garage gets lots of natural light, use this to your advantage by letting the sun stream in through windows you may not have considered before. These two simple steps can help transform your store into something people love being in – which means they’re more likely to purchase items while they’re here!